ASUS A54C-NB91 $329

ASUS A54C-NB91 laptop. It three years old, with very minor wear, and has been fully reloaded. It's ready for the next owner, and runs great. With HD Graphics and 6GB RAM, it has a Windows Experience Score of 5.1. It's not a gamer, but could handle light gaming like Minecraft or Simms. 

It's currently Windows 7 Home Premium, and ready for Windows 10 Upgrade. If you'd want, I can perform the upgrade, no extra charge.

2.3GHz Intel B970 Dual Core CPU
320GB Hard Drive
Webcam: Excellent smooth motion!
10 Key Number Pad
Wifi-N and Gigabit Ethernet
15.6 Inch Wideswcreen LCD beautiful 1366x768 resolution
Intel HD Graphics 64MB-1696MB available video RAM
No Optical Drive, which is how it gets so thin 
Good Battery
Genuine ASUS AC Power Supply 

Windows 7 Sp1 x64, and ready for Windows 10 
Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome browsers.
Adobe Reader, Air, Flash, Shockwave
Java and Silverlight
MS Offcie 2010
MS Works
Team Viewer
Free Antivirus, and other useful cleaning tools

This is a great mid-size laptop for everyday use like School, Home or Jobseeking, Business apps like QuickBooks, Youtube, Facebook, Email, Netflix, etc,. It can handle a bunch of pages open at the same time. 

12 Month Free Software Support
Free Six Month Tune Up
Free Virus Removal
Courtesy Remote Repairs available 

$329.00 Cash Credit Debit Paypal accepted

Call 719-646-0288 if interested, or email.