Asus X44L $175

ASUS X44L-BBK2 laptop. Aside from a small part of the case has broken off, the rest looks great. It has been only lightly used with less than 4 months use on the hard drive. And although this computer has a built-in webcam, it doesn't work, a known quirk with this family of ASUS laptops. It's snappy, and good for the basics. 

 2.1Ghz Intel Pentium B950 Dual Core CPU
 320GB Hard Drive
 USB 2.0, USB 3.0 
 14.1" Glossy Screen with 1366x768 resolution
 Intel HD Graphics with 64-1696MB available video RAM
 Battery Lasts 2+ hours
 OEM AC Power cord
Windows 7 SP1 x64
 Factory Recovery Partition
 MS Office 2010
 Free Antivirus and other useful computer cleaning tools

 12 Month Software Support Includes:
 Free Virus Removal
 Six Month Tune Up
 Courtesy Remote Repairs

 $175.00 Cash, Debit, Credit, Paypal accepted.

 Call 719-646-0288 or email if interested