Dell Dimension 5150 $199

White Dell Dimension 5150 desktop in great shape. The hard drive has been freshly reloaded, and it runs terrific. Nice and fast, and real quiet. These are great work horse computers.

If you are looking to upgrade from a Windows XP desktop to Windows 7 desktop, but don't want to lose all your pictures and music and files, etc., then this is a great option. The hard drive from your old computer can slip into the second hard drive spot this computer (no charge, while you wait), and you are up and running with your old data ready to use, and newer faster powerful quiet tower.

3.0GHz Intel Pentium 4 Processor, Fast Single Core Running Two Threads 
3GB RAM (4 RAM slots, upgradable to 8GB) 
250GB SATA Hard Drive
Available second hard drive space 
PCIe graphics slot is available to upgrade graphics card or add HDMI card
4 USB Back 2 USB Front 
DVD-RW Multi (Plays and burns DVDs and CDs) 

Make it Wireless ...Add $25.00

Windows 7 Pro SP1 64-Bit
Popular Browsers 
All Updated Silverlight, Adobe Reader, Flash, Air, Shockwave, and Java (To enjoy Youtube, Hulu, Netflix, etc) 
MS Office 2010 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, and more) 
MS Works 9 (For added productivity with lots of templates) 
Sonic Roxio (To burn CDs/DVDs) 
Freeware Toolbox (Excellent FREE Registry/Spyware/Malware and Virus Cleaners) 

This is an excellent everyday desktop. Perfect for all normal computing like Online Schooling, Job Seeking, Email, Facebook, Youtube, Netflix, Watching and Burning CDs and DVDs, and more. It's not a gamer, but it can also handle heavier applications smoothly, and lots of windows open. 

12 Months Email/Phone/In person support on keeping the computer running well 
Free 6 month Tune Up 
Free Virus Removal if they get past the toolbox 

$199.00 Tower only 
$299.00 Tower, Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse (and Webcam?)

Call 719-646-0288 or Email if interested.