Dell Inspiron 14-3452 $199

Dell Inspiron 14-3452 Laptop in excellent condition just over a year old. A 14" netbook, designed for light duty, and battery life, is ultra-slim, lightweight and portable, and great for everyday surfing, email, Facebook, Youtube, Skype, Netflix, etc. 

 The 32GB eMMC storage drive is solid state like in a tablet is snappy. And a 64GB SD card is included making this great for storing tens of thousands of pictures and music.

 Windows 10 x64 most recent version 
 MS Office 2010
 1.6GHz Celeron N3050 Dual Core
 32GB eMMC Solid State Drive
 64GB SD Card for additional storage
 Wifi N
 3 USB
 Intel HD Graphics 144-1123MB VRAM
 Battery lasts 5-6 hours 
 Genuine Dell AC Power Cord

 12 Month Software Support Includes
 Free Six Month Tune Up
 Free Virus Removal
 Courtesy Remote Repairs

 $199.00 Cash, Debit, Credit, Paypal

 Call 719-646-0288 or email if interested.