Dell Inspiron 2330 i3 W10 $399

Dell Inspiron One 2330 All-In-One 23" desktops in great shape. I have three of them. Big beautiful 23" screen and great sound make these a nice option for the workplace, or folks who spend a lot of time in front of the computer. For example, this would make a nice work station for folks who have Amazon work at home jobs. 

These were originally Windows 7, then upgraded with fresh installations of Windows 10 Pro. If you prefer, I'm happy to reload Windows 7, no charge. 

3.3GHz, Intel Core i3-2120 CPU: Dual core running four threads.
500GB Hard Drive
Gigabit Ethernet
Block My Camera Button
23" Non-touch display, with Intel HD 2000 Grpahics 1920x1080 resolution and 32MB-1664MB available video RAM
HDMI In: To use this screen as a monitor from another computer
VGA In: To use this screen as a monitor from another computer
VGA Out: To attach a second screen to this computer
Composite input: for attaching a camcorder or VCR for example
USB Keyboard and Mouse 

Windows 10 Pro, with Anniversary Update
Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome Browsers
MS Office 2010
Free Antivirus and other useful computer cleaning tools.

These powerful all-in-one computers are great workplaces or play places. This isn't a gamer, but with plenty of power and RAM and HD graphics, most tasks can be done with lots of pages open without keeping you waiting. 

12 Month Software Support Includes:
Free Six Month Tune Up
Free Virus Removal 
Courtesy Remote Repairs Available

$399.00 each Cash, Credit, Debit, PayPal all accepted

Email, or call 719-646-0288 if interested.