Dell Inspiron E1505 $149

This is a Dell Inspiron E1505 laptop in great shape. It's an older model, but still plenty of speed and good for the basics. The hard drive has been reloaded with useful software added for school or home or business, and runs great!

1.7GHz Intel T2080 Dual Core CPU
160GB Hard Drive
Built in Wireless B/G
DVD/CD-RW (Plays DVDs and Burns CDs)
4 USB Ports
15.4" Widescreen in great condition, nice and bright, 1280x800 resolution.
ATI Radeon X1400 Graphics with 128MB-895MB available video RAM
Battery lasts 1-2 Hours
Original Dell Adapter

Windows 7 Pro SP1 32-Bit
Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome Browsers
Adobe Shockwave, Air, Flash, Java and Adobe PDF Reader (To enjoy Youtube, Hulu, etc)
MS Office 2007
MS Works 9 
Free Anti-Virus with other useful computer cleaning tools

This is a nice older laptop in great shape and still good for the basics like School, Home, Jobseeking, Youtube, Facebook, Email, watching DVDs, etc. The hinges are nice and tight and it opens and closes nicely. 

12 Months Software Support Warranty Includes:
Free Virus Removal 
Free 6 month Tune Up
Courtesy Remote Repairs

$149.00 Cash, Debit and Credit Card are also accepted 

Call 719-646-0288 or Email if interested.