Gateway NV79c Core i5 $399

This is a Gateway NV79c51u laptop in great shape. The hard drive has been reloaded and great software added for school or home or business added and runs great! It has a Windows score of 4.3! If you choose to play BlueRay movies, they'll be awesome on this big beautiful 17.3" screen. 

Currently Windows 7 Home Premium x64, but Windows 10 is ready to load and I'll do it for you at no extra charge if you like. 

2.53GHz Core i5-460M Dual Core Running Four Threads 
250GB Hard Drive 
Built in Wireless N
Gigabit Ethernet
BlueRay Player
10 Key Numeric Keypad, Chiclet Style Keys
DVD-RW (Plays DVDs and Burns CDs)
(2) USB 3.0, (1) USB 2, HDMI Ports, 
SD Card Reader
17.3" LCD Widescreen in excellent condition, 1600x900 resolution, nice and bright 
Intel HD Graphics with 128-1754MB video memory 
Battery lasts 2+ hours
AC Power Cord, about 12 feet long

Windows 7 SP1 x64, 
Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome Browsers 
Silverlight, Flash, Java, Shockwave, Air and Adobe PDF Reader 
MS Office 2010 
MS Works 
Sonic Roxio for Burning DVDs and CDs
Free excellent computer cleaners, with free Anti-Virus 

This is a nice laptop, great for School, Home or Jobseeking, Business, Youtube, Facebook, Quickbooks, Email, watching or burning DVDs and CDs, etc. The hinges are nice and tight and it opens and closes nicely. All the rubber feet are there. It's not a gamer, but could handle some lighter games like Minecraft and Simms, etc, or lots of pages open at the same time. 

12 Months Software Support Includes 
Free Virus Removal if they get past the toolbox 
Free 6 month Tune Up
Courtesy Remote Repair Services

$399.00 Cash, Debit and Credit Card are also accepted 

Call 719-646-0288 or Email if interested.