Gateway Solo Pro 9300 XP $20
This is a 2002 Gateway Solo Pro 9300 Laptop that works. It has a fresh install of XP SP3 and nothing else.

It has no ethernet or wireless built in because back then we got on line with a modem and dial, boingy, boingy...

Battery is dead, dvd drive works. Screen is nice and bright.

This would be good for what people used to do 15 years ago with a computer, like play FreeCell. But not good for most of what people want to do today, like get online, YouTube, NetFlix. 

Upgrading this would be like trying to upgrade a Volkwagen Beetle to turn it into a tractor trailer... not a good candidate.

So what is it good for? Some people have older programs they like that ran on XP that don't need to connect to the internet. And it has a parallel printer port to run your 15 year old printer. And a serial port.

Pentium III 450ghz
20GB Hard Drive
(2) USB 1.0
Nice sound 
Bright Screen
AC Cord included 

$20.00 Cash debit Credit Paypal

Call 719-646-0288 or email if interested.