Humble Beginnings

These pictures are a portion of what I ended up having to juggle before I moved into a proper space.

It kind of started by accident. 

I had a small office in a professional building, where I worked by appointment with clients.  I was also an insurance agent.  Everything was neat and tidy.  Then  I'd help someone with their virus.  It was pretty common that they'd come back the following week with everything they no longer used.  

Those two small rooms went from clean sparsely appointed agent desks to stuff piled everywhere. My landlord was even kind enough to let me store more stuff in an empty space next to mine. And I had yet even more stuff at my house.

I always liked having my computer run as well as possible, but I didn't really know much more than the average user in the beginning. 

My son got a virus, so I called Best Buy.  It was a simple decision. I wasn't going to spend $135 to get rid of a virus...just to end up getting another virus.  So I went online and spent the next 10 days surfing through technology forums looking for answers.

I found the answers and got rid of his virus. 

And along the way, I learned valuable simple ways to have the computer run at peak performance.   Not only was his virus gone, but his computer was running better than before. And so was mine...and then my wife's...and then my co-workers and friends. 

And then I thought "Why not put an ad on craigslist?" and give other folks a break from outrageous virus removal charges.  I figured lots of folks must be living with unbearably slow, hijacked computers because they can't afford to or don't want to spend that kind of money. 

Then I finally admitted to myself that they could really use my help, ...and I jumped in.