Barter and Trade


If you are a business owner, turn your goods and services into Trade Dollars, usable with hundreds of small businesses of every kind statewide, and over 1200 businesses nationally.

I'm a member! 

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The trade partner pages listed on the lower left are some of the local businesses and their goods and services I have access to.

Let's say you have a computer I want to buy from you to resell in my shop.  If you don't need cash, you could possibly trade your computer in to me, and I could provide you with items from these trade partners...

Such as:

- Local Restaurants

- Avs, Nuggets, Skysox Tix

- Ski Passes

- Chiropractic

- Dentistry

- Eyecare, Contacts, etc

- Home Improvements

- Advertising

- Printing, Signs, etc 

- Accounting Services

- Jewelry

- Clothing

- Dry Cleaning

- Auto repairs, Detailing

- Helicopter Rides

- Vacation Rentals

- Casino Stays

- Event Space

- Photography

- Tree Service

- Picture Framing

- Hot Tubs

- Pest Control

- Adventure Trips

- Carpet Cleaning

- Home Cleainng

and on, and on, and on.

Browse the list of local business.  It is pretty likely I have the ability to trade something you want or need.  This list changes from time to time but most often to add new barter partners.



I Buy - Sell - and TRADE.  

If we are looking at trading your current computer for one of my computers, I treat trade-ins just like buying with cash.  I offer you a trade-in value equal to the price I would pay if I were buying your computer at an auction.

Keep in mind, I buy items that I repair, reinstall, refurbish, and resell with a warranty. 

Sometimes when determining value, it's helpful to ask yourself: "How much would I pay for my item if I was buying it right now, knowing what I know about it's present condition?"


We all have everyday needs, like food, shelter, auto repairs, office supplies, etc.   Sometimes I take your non-computer items in trade for one of my computers.

I'm open to your suggestions of non-computer items and services.

My preference for Barter is trading my services (fixing your items).  But, when my inventory allows, I can consider my laptops and desktops.   

FYI, I could use some auto repair at the moment, and have plenty of room in my freezer.  

Actually, I have room in my cigar humidors as well.  :-)