Compaq X1340US XP  $99

This is a Compaq x1340US laptop in great shape. It's an older model that was barely used. It's been reloaded with useful software added for school home or work, and is ready for the next owner. It's still good as a backup, or for the basics of surfing and email and MS Office, etc. 

1.4GHz Pentium M CPU


40GB Hard Drive 


3 USB Ports 


15.4" Widescreen LCD nice and bright and crisp 

Battery lasts 3-4 hours 

Genuine HP AC Adapter, nice and long 

Windows XP 

Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer Browsers 

Adobe Reader, Flash, Air, Shockwave and Java (To enjoy Youtube, Hulu, etc) 

MS Office 2007

MS Works 9.0 


Free Anti-Virus program, with other useful computer cleaning tools. 

$99.00 Cash, Debit and Credit Card are also accepted 

Call 719-646-0288 or email if interested.