Free Fixers and Downloads

Do you get ERROR ON PAGE?: IE8-REREG  

When Internet Explorer 8 won't download or display something properly and shows "Error On Page" in the lower left corner of of the page, this quick registry fix often corrects the problem.


Just about everyone that works on computers recommends CCleaner for normal maintenance and housecleaning.  It does the equivalent of wash the windows,  take out the trash, put the laundry away, sweep the floor, cut the grass, etc. Then things run more smoothly at home.  


Ranked as "Outstanding" Freeware, Malwarebytes does a great job at clearing out the riff-raff that got past your anti-virus and caused mischief inside your computer.  Always update before running, as you problem is likely from something new.

Is Your Google Redirecting? TDSSKILLER

When you use Google to search for something and you click on the results, if it sends you to an unrelated page (for advertising purposes) that is known as a Google redirect virus.  TDSSKiller from Kaspersky can often get that little bugger out.


If you receive or download a zipped file, usually ending in the extension .ZIP or .RAR,  7-Zip can open them so you can get to the contents.  The 32-bit version and 64-bit version for Windows are at the top of the list.  Just click on them and follow the prompts for downloading.  It goes quickly.

Fix_Svchost.bat:  Sometimes viruses and malware can commandeer Windows helper files to work for the virus.  Since helper files are known to Windows, they don't get stopped by antivirus programs.  This little tool can reassign the helper files duties to work for Windows again.