Gateway ESX 500  $125

This is a Gateway ESX 500 Desktop in geat condition. The hard drive has been wiped and reinstalled with some great software for school or home or business. It's a great little workhorse. Frank says it's fast and good for the basics.


2.4GHz Pentium 4 CPU


80 GB SATA 7200RPM Hard Drive

4 USB Ports Back and 2 in Front



Windows XP Pro SP3

Popular Browsers

Updated Adobe Reader, Flash, and Java so web pages display properly

MS Office MS Works 9 (For added productivity with lots of templates)

Freeware Toolbox (Excellent Registry/Spyware/Malware Cleaners and a self-updating Anti-Virus program)

This is a great everyday computer, good for Home, School, Business, Email, Facebook, Netflix, Quickbooks, Playing DVDs and Burning CDs,etc. It would make a nice inexpensive setup for the kids or backup in case your primary computer goes down.


12 Months Email/Phone/In person support on keeping the computer running well

Free Personal Tutoring Avaialble

Free Virus Removal if they get past the toolbox

$125.00 Tower Only Cash, Debit and Credit Card are also accepted

CRT Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse are also available no charge if you need them.

Email if interested, or call 719-646-0288. Other Items available at

If you would like to sell your laptop, but don't want to be bothered with the hassles of listings, appointments, low-ballers and no-shows, let me sell it for you in my shop, on consignment. 

The bottom picture shows where the case latch release is.  It took me 20 minutes to find it the first time I sold one of these models.