HP 15-B Sleekbook W10 $199

HP 15-B129WM Sleekbook Laptop. Originally a touchscreen laptop, but the digitizer is cracked, and the "touch" part no longer works. The replacement digitizers with bezels are rare and several hundred dollars if you can find them. Even HP does not sell them.

All that being said, the laptop runs great like any other non-touchscreen laptop. And if the crack don't bother you, this is a good buy for a mid-size laptop, with HDMI to connect and stream to big screen TV, or webcam for Zoom etc, and everyday normal computing.

Better than average graphics should make this good for Facebook type games.

2.1Ghz Dual Core A6-4455 AMD CPU


500GB Hard Drive

No DVD drive as this is a "Sleekbook" and thin design




(3) USB

Medica Card Reader

15.6" Display with 1366x768 resolution

AMD Radeon HD7500 graphics with 512-2048MB available video memory

Good battery

AC Cord included

Windows 10 x64

Word, Excel, etc

Photo Shop

Free antivirus and other useful computer cleaning tools

12 Month Software Support

Free Six Month Tune Up

Free Virus removal

$199.00 Cash debit Credit Paypal Acceepted