HP ProBook 4420s i3  $299

This is an HP Probook 4420s laptop in great shape. It has a nice brown brushed aluminum case with normal minor scuffing. It's been reloaded with useful software for home or school or work. Excellent webcam action. It's fast and runs terrific.

2.27GHz Intel Core i3-350M CPU: Dual Core running four threads 


320GB Hard Drive 7200RPM 

DVD-RW ribe 

3 USB Ports


Built in HD 2.0MP Webcam, with excellent display 

HDMI Jack 


14" Widescreen LCD, matte finish, Bright and Crisp 

64MB/1305MB Intel HD Core i3 Graphics 

6 in 1 Media Card Reader 

Battery lasts 2-3 hours 

Genuine HP Power Cord 

Windows 7 Pro Sp1 64-bit 

Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome browsers 

Updated Adobe Reader, Flash, Air, Shockwave and Java (To enjoy Youtube, Hulu, etc) 

MS Office 2010

MS Works 9 

Skype for Video Chat 



Freeware Toolbox: Excellent Registry Cleaners, Spyware- Cleaners, Malware Cleaners and a self-updating Free Anti-Virus program. 

This is an excellent laptop for School, Home or Jobseeking, Business apps like QuickBooks, Schoolwork, Youtube, Facebook, Email, Netflix, Playing and burning DVDs etc. It's not a gamer, but could run light games smoothly. And it's rugged. It could stand up to a lot of movement.

12 Months Software Support 

Free Six month Tune up 

Free Virus Removal 

Courtesy Remote Repairs

$299.00 Cash, Debit and Credit Card are also accepted 

Call 719-646-0288 or Email if interested.