Meet Frank!

Years ago, one of my clients walked in with Frank under her arm and says... "He's lost his groove. He just stands there, but he used to sing and dance."  Assumming there would be surgery, she asked that I take pictures of him on the operating table.  

Even before he was fixed, my clients lwere getting a kick out of him.  Some even had their pictures taken with him.  I kept him by the front door.  He was my greeter.

Only his jaw was working, which made a clicking sound. He had a built-in motion detector. I had him facing the parking lot, so I could tell when someone pulled up in front.  His jaw would start clicking away.

After he was repaired, his head turned, and his hips moved, and he sand "Thriller", "Monster Mash", and "Born To Be Wild".

He would normally stand on a porch at Halloween. And his motion detector would turn him on as people would approach, and he'd start to groove.

The white thing on his chest is the built-in speaker.  The wire was severed from collapsing him down to put him away for storage.

The head movement and swinging hips come from little motors that needed O-rings, ...basically little rubber bands.  They had dried out and broke.

But in a stoke of good fortune, those O-rings are remarkably similar to the rubber belts that spin the disks in a DVD drive.  So from my dead DVD to Frank's dead neck and hips!  Seems perfectly ghoulish.