MSI Cooler Master  $199

Custom Cooler Master Desktop Case with MSI motherboard in great shape, and runs terrific. 

 2.6GHz Intel Celeron E3400 Dual Core Processor 


 500GB SATA 7200RPM Hard Drive 

 6 USB 

 Gigabit Ethernet 

 Intel GMA 4500 Graphics with 32-1695MB available video RAM

 DVD-Multi (Plays DVDs and CDs) 

 Windows 7 Pro x64

 Free Antivirus, and other cleaning tools 

 12 Months Software Support 

 Free 6 month Tune Up 

 Free Virus Removal 

 Courtesy Remote Repair Services

 $199.00 Cash Credit Debit Paypal all accepted 

 Call 719-646-0288 or Email if interested.