Password Removal   $20

Several parts of Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 can have passwords assigned to keep others out.  Unfortunately, they sometimes even keep us out when accidentally set or forget a password or acquire a used computer when someone else has placed a password.  

There are often areas with hidden access available to reset or remove the password.  Occasionally is it something you can even be guided through over the phone.  No trip to the shop necessary.

For other times, there is special software programs that can be run to "blank" or remove a password to regain access.  This is usually a while-u-wait service at the shop.   

In the most advanced cases, there are services available that create special "Master Passwords".  Exact information on your make, model and serial number of your computer needs to be sent away to a service company who in turn will send back exact and specific instructions on how to unlock your computer. This can take up to two days, and has an additional fee, usually another $20.

* Over The Phone:             .... $20

* In Shop While You Wait  .... $20

* Send Away Service         .... $20+