Reinstall Windows  $75

Sometimes you just need to start over.

Reinstalling Windows can solve many problems, especially when Windows isn't running correctly and a tune up or virus removal can't solve the problem. 

Unless your computer has a real physical problem or damage of some sort, reinstalling Windows will make the computer run like new.  Maybe even better than new because reinstallation comes with adjusting performance settings and turning off unneeded processes and bloatware.  You also regain the space occupied by stuff you are not reinstalling. 

What about the stuff you have on there?  

Your data can be moved, but programs that are not part of Windows would need to be reinstalled.  So your pictures, documents, music, and favorite places, etc. can be removed and then put back on.   But your printers, or phone software or programs you personally installed and still use would need to be reinstalled in order to use them again.  Either redownload them or install them with the disk they came with again.

Reinstalling Windows will also come with the Toolbox of programs to keep the computer running well and other productivity programs like when your computer was new.  When these tools are on your computer, I can often talk you through normal problems.  Since you have the tools, often you can fix it without coming back in.

Reinstall Windows...$75

Moving Your Information... $25 but can vary based on amount of info to move.