Remote Tune Up  $75

Sometimes, you just can't make it into to my shop.   

If you have an internet connection, and you suspect something is gumming up the works on your computer, then remote services may be just what you need.

Remote services involves you installing a small free program on your computer (like TeamViewer to the right) that gives me one time access and permission to do a great deal of fine tuning and cleanup, often while you wait and while you watch.

Most of the tools I use in a regular Tune Up would also get used here, and left on your computer for you to continue to use as you need.  

Depending on the level of clean up and tuning needed, this takes 30-90 minutes. 

Getting rid of the pop-ups and resetting your home page, and getting things back to the way you liked them is not easy for everyone to figure out.  And few people have the time or desire, or want to be without their computer for days.

And once you've had remote service, follow ups and touch ups can be a breeze.  Sometimes a single issue may pop up again.  Then you can invite me back in, and as a courtesy I can quickly nip the new problem in the bud.  It can be like having a personal IT department.

Remote Tune Up .... $75.00

Download and use TeamViewer for FREE!