Tune Up   $49

Just as a car periodically needs a tune up, or detailing, and an oil change, so does your computer. 

Computers are collectors.  Everything you do and everywhere you go gets recorded in your computer in permanent and temporary folders. They accumulate.  All the installations and uninstallations of programs and toolbars leave behind fragments and even programs and processes still running all the time.

If your computer used to be fast, but has gradually slowed down, it most likely just needs a tune up!

It's common during a tune up to discover the computer is still running printers you no longer own or phone software or music software you no longer use. They can be shut off.  And most often, there are just too many things running all the time.  It's like having all the lights on in every room of your home all the time.  

The Tune Up consists of:

- Removal of Temp and Junk files:  (like washing the windows and taking out the trash)

- Cleaning, condensing and reorganizing the Registry: (wash the dishes and put laundry away)

- Disabling Unneeded Processes:  (shutting off the lights when you leave the room)  

- Defragmentation:  (putting the jigsaw puzzle back together so Windows spends less time searching)

- Removing Multiple Antivirus Programs: Two or more Antivirus programs will fight each other

- Remove Malware, Spyware, and Viruses: (They are bloodsuckers reducing your speed)

- Free Up Space:  Your computers saves everything.  Some of it simply takes up space.

- Adjusting Performance Settings: By default, Windows simply has too many things running.

- Dust Removal:  Heat is the enemy on the inside of a computer. It can even reduce speed.   

This generally takes 4-6 hours.  

All the cleaning programs installed for the tune up stay on your computer like a little toolbox.  As you experience problems over time, you'll be able to run these programs yourself, and keep your computer running well.

Tune Up...$49.00