Virus Removal   $25

It's a FAKE!

Many Viruses look like security scanners trying to protect you from a virus, when in fact they are "Hijackers" planting a program into your computer that looks like a security scan.

They are FAKES, FRAUDS, and SCAMS.  They just poison you then try to sell you solution.

Why?  Because a portion of victims will voluntarily buy the solution....commonly $40-$80.   So technically they aren't stealing your money...they are conning you into giving your money to them.

They can be tricky to remove.  Some come out quickly and others can be larger and have more parts.  But most of the time they can be safely removed with no loss of your personal information....They want your money, not your pictures or music.

Other Viruses can just be annoying.

A common virus going around now "Hides" all your desktop icons and programs.  You turn on your computer and it looks like everything has been erased.  It not erased.  It just been set to be invisible. It almost always can be made visible again.

Other viruses can redirect or block your ability to get to the internet.

Now, on the other hand, some viruses do damage. They can delete vital Windows system files, and cause the BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death).  Most of the time, this is still repairable.

In the event that the virus damaged Windows files and Windows needs to be repaired, then the "Tune Up Service $49.00"  most often solves the problem.

In the worst cases, viruses can damage Windows so badly that Windows cannot be repaired and must be reinstalled.  In which case "Windows Reistallation $75.00" is available.    When this happens, most of the time your personal information is still available to be moved.

Virus Removal...$25.00